The Florida Digital Humanities Consortium is the host for HASTAC 2017! The conference will be held in Orlando, Florida, November 2-4, 2017. The UCF Center for Emerging Media and the newly renovated Downtown Marriott will be the venue for this conference. The Call for Proposals is open until April 7, 2017 Monday, April 17, 2017. 

Our plenary speakers are an exceptional group of scholars! The Friday panel includes Purdom Lindblad, Assistant Director of Innovation and Learning at MITH, Tressie McMillan Cottom, assistant professor of sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University, and T-Kay Sangwand, librarian for UCLA’s Digital Library Program. The panel will be moderated by Anastasia Salter, assistant professor of Digital Media at the University of Central Florida. Saturday’s final session will feature HASTAC’s own Cathy N. Davidson, from CUNY. The sessions surrounding these will include roundtables, soapbox talks, demos, maker sessions, workshops, media art projects, and posters.

The HASTAC 2017 Conference affirms, along with the HASTAC network itself, its commitment to an open, equitable, and inclusive environment at our conference. In a recent blog post, the HASTAC leadership stated that we “are committed to advancing equity, inclusion, innovation, and interdisciplinarity in higher education. We celebrate the creative and powerful thinking that results when we work together across all kinds of difference.” For the full post see https://www.hastac.org/blogs/superadmin/2017/02/01/affirming-core-values-hastac-and-futures-initiative

We are committed to working with presenters and attendees alike on any travel challenges which occur in regards to attending the conference, and our goal is to have an accessible, inclusive environment.

We look forward to an outstanding conference this year and please contact us with any concerns or issues.
Bruce Janz, Conference Director, University of Central Florida
Amy Giroux, Managing Director, University of Central Florida

Program Committee
Abby Scheel, Co-chair, Florida State University
Micah Vandergrift, Co-chair, Florida State University
Theresa Burress, New College
Scot French, University of Central Florida
Hélène Huet, University of Florida
Barbara Lewis, University of South Florida
Lillian Manzor, University of Miami
Anastasia Salter, University of Central Florida
Rachel Walton, Rollins College