“Hack the Abstract”

MA03 - Welcome to Nikki’s Place Mobile Narrative Demonstration (S. Raffel, A. Hill, B. Argo and N. DeArmas)
FSM13 - Pattern and Randomness in Code and Poetry (A. Hill and L. Moeller)
SSM05 - I am UCF Digital Storytelling Database Panel Presentation (S. Wheeler, A. Hill and E. Horn)
FSM07 - A Database for Embodied Technology (A. Iliadis and I. Pedersen)
FSA05 - Creating Individually and Collectively - Building Identity and Community - The Intersections of Theatre and DST (E. Horn and A. Hill)
SSM13 - ELLE, The EndLess LEarner Videogame: An Interdisciplinary DH Collaboration (A. Giroux, E. Johnson, D. Merritt, G. Vitanova and S. Sousa)
SSA03 - Exploring the Hegemony of Ag Modernization through Historical Ag News ( M. Galbreath and A. Giroux)
SSA14 - Teaching computer programming to humanists using emoticon-like scripting (A. Barmpoutis)
FSM01 - Collaboration Across Countries and Disciplines: The Possible Worlds of Hybrid Dissertations (A. von Petersdorff)
MA06 - Strathroy Stories (T. Vieira)
SSA12 - Noise and Nature in the Anthropocene: Soundscape Ecology (R. Clarke, J. Beever, P. Thomas and B. Argo)
SSA01 - Difficult Digitization on a Dime: Crowd-sourcing Ideas to Harness Emerging Imaging Technology (C. Strasbaugh)
SSA03 - It's All in the Bag: Developing the BookBag Tool to Organize and Analyze Data and Create Narratives Onsite (C. Lester)
SSM14 - The Procedural Sonnet: A Demo (C. Sparks)
FSA06 - Crafting Digital Content for Contexts of Use: An Approach to the Digital Humanities in International Contexts (K. St. Amant and B. Mauer)
FSA01 - Building a Feminist Future: On (Digital) Pedagogical Praxis (D. Savonick, M. Meade, W. Sperrazza, E. Esten, F. Tran and H. Woods)
SSM01 - Understanding Participatory Culture through Hashtag Activism (N. DeArmas, W. Givoglu, J. Miller, D. Moran and S. Vie)
PP03 - Visualizing Difficult Historical Realities: The Uncle Sam Plantation Project (D. Neville and S. Purcell)
FSA06 - A Digital Graveyard and Monument to Lost Data (B. Mauer and D. Staley)
SSA03 - The JFK Assassination Records Act of 1992 and Digital History (D. Cline)
FSA10 - Illuminating Serious Games through Procedural Rhetoric: Re-Mission (E. Johnson and R. McDaniel)
FSM06 - Surrealist (video) Games (E. Murnane)
PD21 - ELLE, The EndLess LEarner Videogame: Language Acquisition Through Interactive Technology (G. Anemogiannis, E. Butt, T. Chauhan and M. Chipman)
SSM04 - H-Net & Digital Peer Review (R. Cassanello and Y. Kalinsky)
DP14 - Interconnecting culture in the ESL classroom: Using smartphones to develop an intercultural approach to SLL (J.D. Swerzenski)
PD23 - Simulations in Digital Humanities: Online and AR Reading Machines (C. Saper)
FSM07 - The Influence of Digital Technology on Music Creation by Electronic Musicians (J. Choi and N. M. Su)
FSM06 - Visual Analysis of the Cthulhu Mythos in Horror Roleplaying Games (J. Cosper, B. Brockway and B. Martinson)
SSA04 - Humanities Heart (J. Suttles)
SSM11 - Ribbon Cutting: A Game for Breast Cancer Awareness (S. Vie and J. Miller)
SEM06 - Visualizations using p5.js for Digital Humanities Projects (J. Sarachan)
FSM05 - News Literacy: Applications for the Classroom and Beyond (K. Auberry)
FSA10 - Making the Case for Online Video Instruction: Innovating the Educational Future (K. Hanson and E. Johnson)
SSA02 - From Fake Participation to Embedded Selves: Four Dimensions of Participation in Open, Online Learning (K. Baker-Doyle)
SSM07 - Queer Classroom Spaces: Using Social Media and Digital Tools to “Meet Students Where They Are” (K. Lafollette)
FSM04 - Using Iteration To Document A Structure’s Life History And Create Realistic Virtual Recreations (L. Walters, R. Michlowitz and M. Adams)
SSM12 - Technological Environment of New Media and Open-Ended Training Pattern for Creative Media Talents (X. X. Wu, L. Jiang and L. Kuang)
MA13 - Digital Puppetry: KENDRA Crab (L. Tomlinson)
FSM05 - Publicity, Exposure of “Intimate” Information and Liberal Individualism in the Context of Instagram Use (M. J. Kwok Chon)
PD25 - Prosthetic Limb Training Game Demo (M. Dombrowski, E. Johnson, P. Smith and R. Buyssens)
MA09 - If These Walls Could Speak (M. Mosher)
SSM03 - Playing with Data (M. Cerrone, J. Diamond and N. Goodman)
FSA09 - Quantifying Kissinger: Visualizing the Dimensions of World Diplomacy (M. Kaufman)
DP09 - Internet Garbage/Violent Games/ Performative Emotions (N. Akhtari)
SSM01 - Packaging Hashtags for (re)Composition: Rhetorical Velocity and Topoii in the Invention of Hashtags (N. DeArmas)
SSA07 - From Score to Film: Reimagining the Dance of Irmgard Bartenieff (S. Wiesner, R. Stalnaker, S. Ramsay and B. P. Zillig)
SSA08 - Digital Storytelling as Public History/Archaeology (T. Earley-Spadoni, T. Corwin, N. Hilliard, and L. Schafer)
FSA08 - Curating Culture in the 21st century: Orlando as a Case Study for Arts Participation and Engagement Among Millennials (W. Givoglu)
SSA18 - Designing Learning Adventures with Playground City (K. Kerce and W. Shaffer)
MA20 - Witness to the Revolution: Experiencing the Boston Massacre in 3D (A. Mason and L. Symchych)